Character & Camera Blocking in JAWS

Shot By Shot Film : Jaws Director : Steven Spielberg Scene Breakdowns : Brody wakes up and leaves 2:10 - Brody and Cassidy discover Chrissie's remnants 5:25 - Brody at the office 7:55 - Brody goes downtown 9:20 - Shark attacks 11:20 - The Town Meeting 16:35 - Brody Hooper and Vaughn 22:40 - Brody Hooper and Quint 27:30 - Brody and Ellen say goodbye 31:05 Corrections : at 5:07 it is a pan right and not a pan left overwhelmed by the weight of information I had to lay down, it's quite probable that a few mistakes like the aforementioned may exist. If so I'll try to upload a corrected version at a later time